How to Enter the Silver Lining Awards

An important note before we begin:
If you registered for the NZIPP Iris Awards in 2020, you already have an account set up that you will use for the Silver Lining Awards 2021. This is because both NZIPP and AIPP are using the same awards software provider, Awards Force. If you entered Iris 2020, you will need the email you used and the password. You can easily reset your password using the 'Forgot Password' function on the registration home page.



Head to the Silver Lining Awards registration page. You can find this here or by clicking on the relevant tab on our awards website.

To register, you need to provide the following details:
Name / Email / Password (12 characters).
Tick the check boxes about privacy policy and communication consent and hit the green REGISTER button.
The next page will ask for:
Postal Address / Contact Phone Number / Entrant Type.
If you are an AIPP member, you will be required to provide your member number.
If you are a student, you will be required to provide the name of the tertiary institution in which you are enrolled.
Hit the green COMPLETE PROFILE button.


After registration is complete, you will be directed to a welcome page. Scroll down to find My Entries and hit the green START ENTRY button.
Entry into each category except for Stories, is made up of three steps:

TAB 1: CATEGORY SELECTION Select your Category in two parts via the drop down menu - Classic or Creative and then your individual category choice. Scroll down, hit the green SAVE + NEXT button.
TAB 2: RULES read the rules, terms and conditions. Scroll to the bottom of the page and answer the question via drop down menu selection of YES or NO. This question is compulsory and must be answered for your entry to be accepted into the system. Hit the green SAVE + NEXT button.
TAB 3: UPLOAD IMAGE FILE Add an optional title if desired. Answer the compulsory question about live judge feedback - this question must be answered for your entry to be accepted into the system. Under "Upload Image", hit the green SELECT FILE Button to choose your file.


Your entries should be 3000 pixels on the longest edge, 300 ppi with a size limit of 8MB. This applies to all images EXCEPT those entered into the Smartphone category. Please note that the most important aspect of a Smartphone entry is that is has been shot and edited entirely on your phone. File sizing and naming conventions DO NOT APPLY to Smartphone entries. 

Please label your images "surname_initial_category_number", where the number is 1 - 5 (the maximum amount of entries per category is five)
eg: jones_b_naturalworld_1.

As this competition will be judged online, please submit your files with an sRGB profile.
We recommend having your files correctly sized and named and ready to go before you begin the entry process.


Hit the green PREVIEW button to preview your entry before submission. If you need to make changes, use the tabs at the top of the page to return to the relevant section of the entry process to make changes. Save as you go.

Once you are happy with the entry, hit the green SUBMIT ENTRY button at the bottom of the page. This will direct you to your cart. If you wish to add more entries, hit the green ADD MORE ENTRIES TO CART button. This will re-direct you to start the entry process again with a new entry.
Please note: your entries are not complete and ready for judging until payment has been made.


Once you have all of your entries safely stored in your cart, you can make secure payment using a Visa or Mastercard. If you are an Australian resident, you will be required to pay GST on your total entry cost.
You will receive a confirmation email notifying you of your successful payment and entry into the competition, as well as directing you to your invoice. If you do not receive this email (please check your junk / spam), email us at so we can manually confirm your entry has been received.


A stories entry follows the same process as a normal entry, as outlined above in STEP TWO, however, you have to visit four tabs instead of three.

Tab 1: CATEGORY SELECTION Select Classic Category and Stories category, hit SAVE + NEXT.
Tab 2: RULES Read the rules, terms and conditions and answer the compulsory question at the bottom of the page. Hit SAVE + NEXT.
Tab 3: UPLOAD IMAGE FILE Answer the compulsory question about live judge feedback under "Upload Image Files". Hit SAVE + NEXT.
Tab 4: UPLOAD STORY FILE Provide an optional story description of up to 70 words, upload your PDF and then upload each of the image files featured on your PDF (up to six in total) (use the "Add Attachments" button).

Please remember that the PDF you submit for the Stories entry is designed to sequence your images - layout and design are not judged as a part of the assessment process.

You can create a PDF in Photoshop or Lightroom or you can simply place your images in correct sequence in a Word document and save the document as a PDF.

Sizing for each individual image file should be the same as outlined in STEP THREE.
The naming convention for a Stories entry is: surname_initial_stories_entrynumber_number, where "entry number" is the stories entry and "number" is the order of the photograph in the sequence.
Eg: jones_d_stories_1_5 (for Darren Jones' first Stories entry, 5th photo in sequence)
Eg: jones_d_stories_2_3 (for Darren Jones' second Stories entry, 3rd photo in sequence)
Stories entries cost $50 or, for students, $25 each. This is automatically calculated at check out.


All AIPP member types - Accredited, General and Student - receive $25 off their total cart price. This is the one free entry promised to members!
To receive this discount you must input a discount code at checkout. The discount code will be shared with current financial members via email (please note: you must be registered on our new website and on our email subscriber list to receive our AIPP emails). Members are welcome to email to request the discount code. Please supply your AIPP member number if making this request.


Any student currently enrolled in a tertiary institution may enter the SLAs at a discounted rate of $10 per entry. Students can enter up to five (5) images into the awards in total.
To access the $10 entry fee, please select "Student Only entry fee" when you enter the cart. This option is on the right hand side of your cart. Once you select this option, your entry prices will change to $10 each.
AIPP Student Members can then apply the discount code to their cart to receive $25 off the total cart price, in addition to receiving the $10 discounted entry fee. In short: AIPP Student Members are on a brilliant wicket!


I am having trouble registering as the system says I already have an account. What is going on?
It's most likely that you have entered an awards using Awards Force software before, most probably the NZIPP Iris Awards in 2020. All you need to do is enter your email and hit "Forgot Password" to gain access to your account (presuming you have forgotten the password - maybe you remember passwords easily? Winning at life!). You can read a help page from Awards Force if you are having trouble registering or you can email to ask for help.

Why do I have to accept the rules, terms and conditions for every image I enter?
Because we are tyrants! No - seriously - this is the best way to ensure our entrants understand what they are signing up for when they enter our comp. Please take the time to read and understand what you are accepting before you pay for your entry.

Do I have to supply a title for my images?
Absolutely not - titles are completely optional. Titles should only be added if they enhance the understanding of the image and they should answer who, what, why, when, where questions. Please avoid titles like "Red Horse" for images of red horses!

Story entries allow descriptions of up to 75 words. What do I add here?
The description for Stories entries is again, completely optional. If you feel the judges need context for your story, this is your chance to provide it. Don't describe what can be seen, tell the judges the unseen context or nuance they may need to effectively judge your work.

I have started my entry but I need to go cook dinner / kid-wrangle / work my day job / handle a shoot - can I save it and return? 
You most certainly can! At any time during the entry process, you can take advantage of the SAVE + CLOSE button. This saves your entry and you can pick up where you left off when you return to your account. Just log in and hit "My Entries" to see what is sitting in your account. Click on the Image ID to be returned to that entry and continue the process.

I have completed and paid for my entries but I want to enter more. What do I do?
Simple! Log into your account, create and submit an entry (or entries!) to your cart and pay. You can keep entering right up until entries close on March 1st and there's no limit on the amount of times you can go through the cart process, as long as you don't exceed the total amount of entries allowed into the comp (5 entries per category and, for students, five entries in total).

I'm an AIPP Member - I thought I received an automatic discount at the cart? 
This year, in order for a $25 discount to be applied to your cart, you need to manually enter a discount code. This is because the Silver Lining Awards are now open to ALL, not just AIPP members. The discount code will be emailed to members - if it doesn't arrive in your inbox, please email with your member number so we can hook you up. One code = $25 in your pocket. Worth an email!

Can I use the $25 discount code more than once?
Nice try, but no. Each AIPP member can use the $25 discount code once only. Even if you submit one cart and then create another one to add entries - the system recognises you have used your code and won't allow it to be applied multiple times. We're generous, but not silly 😉

How do I change entry category?
Very easily, thanks to our new software. Log in to your account and head to My Entries. Click on the Image ID of the entry you wish to change and you will be taken directly to the category selection tab. Select your new category and hit "Save + Next" or "Save + Close" - your changes will be updated and this will be reflected under "My Entries"
You can change categories as much as you wish until entries close on March 1st. The brilliant news is - you can even change category AFTER payment has been made!

I have paid for an entry: can I make changes to it? 
Yes, you can, thanks to the new software! You have complete autonomy to change entries right up until entries close on March 1st. This means if you edit your file and want to update it in the system, you can. If you review your entries and you want to change category, you can.
To change an entry, all you have to do is log into your account, hit "My Entries" and click on the Image ID to make changes using the entry tabs. Entries that have been submitted and paid for will display the line "Your entry has been submitted" but you can track changes you make via your account.

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