Silver Lining Awards FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Silver Lining Awards. These FAQs should be read in conjunction with the rules, terms and conditions. If you have a question that is not answered here, please email so we can help.


When do the Silver Lining Awards entries close?

A 48 hour extension has been granted and the awards now close at 6pm AEST on Wednesday 24th June.

How can I tell if my images have uploaded properly? 

If you can see thumbnails of your images in your account, your entry is completed successfully. Unlike the AIPP print awards, you are not required to hit 'submit' or print out any labels. If there's a thumbnail of your image - you are DONE!

Can I enter my Silver Lining Awards images into future AIPP print competitions?

YES you can - so long as your images adhere to the rules of the print competition at that time. Please note that some of the AIPP Silver Lining Awards rules are different from the AIPP print awards rules. Entering an image into the Silver Lining Awards, however, does not automatically mean you cannot enter it in future AIPP print awards.

Can I enter images that I have entered into other photography competitions? 

YES you can! So long as the image has not been entered into any previous AIPP print awards before, you may enter it into the Silver Lining Awards.

Can I enter images that I have created as a participant in a workshop or tutorial?

No, you cannot. The exception is if you were running or teaching the workshop or tutorial, in which case you may enter any images captured. In addition, students are exempt from this and may enter images captured at a workshop or tutorial.

Who can I ask if I am unsure about which category to enter my image? 

Please drop an email to We are here to help and guide. Please include a copy of your image and as much written detail as possible to help explain your query.

Can I use a digital background that I have purchased online?

No. Our rules clearly state that ALL WORK must be the that of the entrant.

If I have featured the same subject in all of my images, can I enter all of these images? 

Yes, you may, but this may not be a wise choice. The judges are looking for originality and variety and if they see the same subject repeatedly without significant variation, your images may not score as well as you had hoped.

Can I dodge and burn in Classic categories?

Dodging and burning are permitted in order to minimise or emphasise selected elements of an image, as a form of corrective post-production or personal expression. This is in keeping with normal professional practice.

Can I adjust saturation in Classic categories?

Saturation may also be adjusted as a form of corrective post-production or personal expression.

How many images may I enter into the Silver Lining Awards?

Accredited and General Members can enter up to five (5) images in every category (a total of 50 images if they so choose!). Student Members can enter three (3) images into the competition in total. These three images may be entered in either one or across several categories.

I pre-purchased my entries at a discounted price.  Can I secure more entries later if I wish? 

YES, you can! You can purchase entries right up until the competition closes on Monday 22nd June. Purchase your entries HERE. (Please note: you must have created an awards login BEFORE you can purchase entries to the competition).

If I enter my image into the wrong category, how can I move it?

Please email us at and we can sort this out for you. All category changes must be submitted by Friday 19th June so they may be completed in time for the entrant to upload in the system.

If the Awards Committee believe my image has been entered into the wrong category, will I be informed before it is moved? 

The Awards Committee will usually only move an image if they believe it will face disqualification in the category in which it has been entered. This move is to protect the entrant from possible disqualification. Efforts will be made to notify you if your image is moved.

What should I write in my descriptive title?

A brief descriptive title may be included if you feel it would provide information necessary for judges to properly interpret an image. Please be aware that titles that mislead or provide superfluous information may have a negative impact on scoring. If providing a title, please stick to the facts: who, what, where, when (and how, if a technical process was involved).

I entered the AIPP State Awards ten years ago and didn't receive any awards - can I still be classed as a 'newcomer'? 

The idea behind the Newcomer category is to encourage those who have never entered before to join us! If you have entered an AIPP awards previously, you're not a newcomer. We would love to see you enter regardless!

Can I enter the Silver Lining Awards if I'm a member of a reciprocal organisation ie NZIPP?

No, you cannot. The Silver Lining Awards are designed as an alternative to the AIPP State Awards, which are open to AIPP members only. Planning is currently suspended for our national awards, APPA, which allow entries to non AIPP members.

My architectural images were not commissioned by a client. Can I still put these into 'Goods & Services'?

Yes, you can. In the Silver Lining Awards we are not distinguishing between commissioned and non-commissioned images. As long as you have any third-party permissions required, you may enter your images into Goods & Services.

Can we enter images of our immediate family members?

Yes, you can.

If I have taken a portrait of a wild animal but have edited it beyond the point where it could be entered in the WILD category, can I enter it in the PORTRAIT category? 

Yes, you can.

Can I enter diptych, triptych or polyptych images?

Yes you can, into any CREATIVE category (Portrait, Places, Photo Illustration, Goods & Services and Celebration).

Do I need to supply the layered or RAW files of my entries when I enter?

No, you do not, however, you must be prepared to have your RAW files available should they be requested.IF the Awards Committee deems it necessary that you supply a RAW file, we will be in touch to request this from you. Please note that semi-finalists and finalists may be asked to submit RAW files before winners are announced.

What colour profile should my entries have?

As this competition will be judged online, please submit your files with an sRGB profile for optimal web viewing. Finalists will be asked to submit a full-sized file prepared for print, noting that, where possible, this will be an Adobe RGB colour profile.

How should I size and label my entries?

Your images should be 3000 pixels on the longest side, 300 ppi with a size limit of 8MB. Please label your images "surname_initial_category_number", where the number is 1 - 5 (the maximum amount of entries per category is five)
eg: jones_b_life_1.

There's been some talk of a print exhibition attached to the Silver Lining Awards: tell me more? 

The idea behind the proposed print exhibition is that the finalist (top ten) images in each category (including Student and Newcomer) will be printed and exhibited across the country. The proposed exhibition is still a work in progress as we grapple with COVID-19 and its ramifications. As soon as we have more concrete details we will be very keen to share so we can celebrate as a community in-person again. Stay tuned!


How will the judging process be conducted?

Judging will be conducted online and held in two rounds. In Round One, all images will be judged by seven different judges, with each judge providing a numerical score. The semi-finalists and finalists for each category will be determined based on these scores. In Round Two, online zoom sessions will be held with a panel of judges for each category. Here the top ten finalist images will be discussed by each judge for a controlled amount of time. The judging panel will then privately rank their choices from 1 - 10, the numbers will be collated and the winners will be determined. Judges will not be informed of the winners - these will be announced online during a live presentation event.

How many winners will be announced?

First through to fifth place will be announced in each category, including Student and Newcomer. First through to fifth place will also be awarded a prize.

What is the prize pool?

Thanks to generous sponsors and prize donors, the total prize pool is $45,000!

Will titles such as "Professional Photographer of the Year" be awarded? 

No, they will not. The semi-finalists, finalists and winners are all based on individual images, not photographers.

An entrant into the Silver Lining Awards could have multiple images in the top 25, the top 10 and even placing! Remember that all images are judged anonymously.

Why can't we see a live judging?

One of the most exciting features of our print awards is live judging, but due to the digital nature of these awards that is not possible. Our judging panels are assembled from all over the country and judges will log on to judge at different times of the day as their schedules allow. We are working to provide opportunities after the judging has concluded to share feedback from the judging of the finalists' images as a learning opportunity for our members. Stay tuned!

If you are only offering feedback on the top ten images per category, where can I get feedback if I am not a finalist?

We are also exploring opportunities for how feedback on additional images beyond the top ten will be available for entrants but, for now, we are committed to sharing the judges comments on the top ten finalists only. In the meantime, a great way to receive feedback on your images prior to the awards is by attending an Image Critique session, run FREE for members. Learn more here.

Can I find out what my images scored?

Not in this instance. Whilst scores and awards are presented at our print awards, the Silver Lining Awards are an online experience and are run differently, with no merit points involved. As a part of this difference, numerical scores will not be announced.

Who are the judges?

The judging panels will be made up of a variety of AIPP state and national judges from all over Australia. Judge development continues to take place to ensure that our judges have up-to-date skills.

Will judges judge categories they have entered?

No, a judge may not judge a category they have entered. This will be carefully monitored by the National Chair of Jurors.

Will the judges know whose work they are judging?

No, they will not. The judging process is designed to be anonymous.

Will each judging panel be comprised entirely of specialists in that particular category ?

No. Significant consideration will be given to choosing judges with expertise in a particular category, but generally speaking, AIPP judges have a wealth of experience and receive regular development and training, and many are able to judge across a variety of genres. Accordingly, panels will be selected to reflect both specialist knowledge and general expertise.

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