ReFrame Awards Rules


The awards are open to all Australian and overseas video entrants.

Entries may be submitted with a single entrant’s name or under a company name.

AIPP / APVP members qualify for ONE FREE ENTRY to this award. Each additional member entry will be $22. Non-members entries are $44 per entry.


Entries open: 7th July 2020

Entries Close: 5th August 2020

Shortlisted Announced: 5th September 2020

Finalists & Winners Announced: 16th September 2020


If music is included in a video, entrants must ensure that the relevant licences have been obtained. Confirmation of this must be supplied as part of the online entry process.

Licensing bodies may include:

  • APRA Licence for Domestic Use (not online use).
  • Music distributors for online and broadcast purposes such as The Music Bed, Songfreedom, Universal Publishing Production Music, plus independent artists and bands.
  • It is the entrant’s responsibility to obtain any and all permissions including model releases so their videos qualify for judging and may in due course be publicly displayed and/or published.
  • If they do not own the copyright in the videos being entered, it is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure they have the copyright owner’s permission to enter said videos in these awards, and that the copyright owner is aware that those videos may in due course be publicly displayed and/or published.


If drone footage is included in a video, entrants must ensure that the relevant licences have been obtained. You will be asked to confirm you have these licenses during your online entry process.


By entering these awards, you agree that the AIPP has the right to use your video for marketing, promotional and content purposes, in relation to the AIPP and its Awards program.


If an entrant or entrants call the decisions or feedback of the judges into question in a public or social media forum without displaying the related video to provide context for the discussion, the awards organisers reserve the right to post the related video(s) in question so as to give a proper basis for discussion.

Any unwarranted or unsubstantiated public or social media attacks on the character of the judges, their qualification to judge or the judging process itself will be regarded as unacceptable behaviour by the competition organisers. Any social media discussions or postings that are deemed to be offensive or contrary to the integrity and nature of the awards will result in a disqualification of the entrant.


To assist the judges each entrant should detail specifics in relation to the category that the video is being entered, along with a succinct explanation of video treatments, colour grading, lighting, special effects or other techniques applied.

The brief may contain but is not limited to the following:

  • What is the objective of the video?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Document reasons for film treatments, colour grading, lighting, special effects or other techniques applied.


  • Entries to this competition may have been completed within the five (5) years prior to the closing date, 5th August 2020.
  • As this award focuses on acknowledging and competing against specific skill sets, if you have previously entered the entry into an AVPA you CAN enter this competition.
  • An entry into this year’s ReFrame Awards, can be entered into the AVPA Awards in 2021, provided it adheres to the rules of the video competition at that time. The AVPA completion dates will reflect the absence of the 2020 awards.
  • The SHOWREEL Category must not exceed two (2) minutes.
  • All other category entries must not exceed ten (10) minutes in length. Each entry must be accompanied by a two-minute excerpt of your video. This does not mean you need to re-edit to create a two-minute clip – just two minutes of any portion of your video. If you are a finalist, this will be used and aired at the awards event.
  • To assist the judges, a brief of the video with special emphasis placed on information relating to your entry category should be included.
  • Except for the BEST SHOWREEL category, no entrant company logos or crew credits may be included.
  • You can submit a single video into multiple categories. There are no restrictions to the number of entries one company or person can submit.
  • Short-listed category submissions will be shared on the AVPA Awards website. Please provide a Vimeo, YouTube or similar link with your entry questionnaire. Except for a credit roll, this MUST be the same production as your entry. Please do not use your business website or blog page link. This link will not be judged and will only be used for publicity.
  • If the video entered is in another language, English subtitles must be included.
  • Each entry must be uploaded directly to Dropbox Request link. Each entry must be labelled appropriately.
  • A completed entry form must be supplied with all entries
  • All entries must conform to the category rules. Failure to do so may risk disqualification.



There are five OVERALL categories with TWO subcategories that an entry can be submitted into: They are:


  • Wedding
  • Commercial


  • Wedding
  • Commercial


  • Wedding
  • Commercial


  • Wedding
  • Commercial


  • Wedding
  • Commercial

The 10 SHORTLISTED videos in each CATEGORY will be announced on the 2nd September 2020. The entrant’s video will be publicly displayed on the AIPP ReFrame Awards website, with an embedded link that has been provided by the entrant.



On the Awards night, the THREE FINALISTS will be announced in each subcategory. The 2 minute cut will be aired.


The winners of each CATEGORY will be determined by the highest scoring video. If two or more videos receive the same final score, those entries will be reviewed and judged by a panel to determine the winner.

The judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.


Each video is assessed by a panel of three judges who will review and independently score the entry online.

Each judge scores the video out of 100 and the panel’s average is the final score.

The HIGHEST SCORE in the category is deemed the CATEGORY WINNER


Competing against many of the best video professionals in the world, is the achievement of a lifetime, a career milestone like no other. The only way you can earn this title is with an exceptional video that delights and excites a judging panel of your peers.


If you have questions or need clarification on any rules, please contact us here:

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