How To Enter


  • Original video for judging
  • Two-minute cut down version for final day judging
  • One HD video still

Except for the SHOWREEL Category, please note NO branding or company logos of applicant are to be visible in the entry.



File: MP4

Video Format: H264

Min Bitrate: 10,000Kbs

Frame Rate: 25 FPS

Minimum Resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080

Audio: Stereo 256 kbps / 48.000 kHz

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 or Cinematic Widescreen

For all submissions produced in other aspect ratios please conform your file to 16:9 or Cinematic Widescreen adding black letterbox or pillarboxing.



VIDEO STILL – The files must be named in the sequence the year, your surname and first name initial and video name.

E.g. “Year-LastNameFirstInitial-VideoName.jpg”, e.g. “2020-SmithJ-SmithWedding.jpg”.

ORIGINAL VIDEO – Once you have uploaded the video still in the online process look at the Entry ID (on the labels page) and name the file O-entryID e.g. O-216546.

TWO-MINUTE VIDEO – Once you have uploaded the video still in the online process look at the Entry ID (on the labels page) and name the file J-entryID e.g. J-216546.

Vimeo, YouTube Link – Your questionnaire will request a link for your video. If you are shortlisted, this link will be on our AVPA Awards website. A Credit Roll is acceptable, but the content and edit MUST be the same as your entry.



  1. Enter online at and follow the prompts by Wednesday 5th August 2020, 5.00pm AEST. Non-Members should ignore references to the photo awards and images as this system is also used for photography awards.
  2. Upload your HD video still images during this online process. Fill in all the questions per entry during the online process. These HD video stills should be a jpeg that is 3000 pixels on the longest side @ 300dpi.
  3. When uploading an image as per specifications, an error message will state that you are missing metadata. Please add the name of your video in the Additional Notes field.
  4. After payment has been processed, click on the labels and use the Entry ID number as the file names for the entry videos. This determines your unique video entry number so prejudging can take place.

When entering, you will be asked the following questions per entry:

i.               Who is the target audience?

ii.              What was the objective of the film?

iii.             Is there any other relevant information about the film you'd like to tell us?

iv.             If your entry is shortlisted, your video will be publicised on the AVPA website. Please provide a Vimeo, YouTube or similar host link. NB - no website links will be accepted.

v.              Document reasons for film treatments, colour grading, lighting, special effects or other techniques applied.

vi.             Drone footage used within the production was obtained following all relevant license and permits pertinent to the filmed location, and circumstances.

vii.           Have you obtained all relevant and required music licenses and can you produce these licences upon request?

Dropbox will be used to collect ALL the entries. We request that you load your files to the following Dropbox Request link:

When you open the Dropbox Request you will see “Sheryn Ellis wants you to add files" ReFrame Awards 2020.

If you have Dropbox, you can upload your folder from there. If you do not have Dropbox, you can upload your entries directly to the Dropbox Request link.

If you are unsure how to share a folder, the instructions are found here:

Please ensure all your files are correctly labelled. You will need to submit three files per entry by 5pm AEST Wednesday 5th August 2020:

  1. Your ORIGINAL video that will be pre-watched by the judges. This will contain the LETTER O, followed by your entry number: e.g. O-216546.
  2. Your two-minute version (per entry) that will be screened on the day of judging. Please note the judges do not score this version, which is only for screening on judging day. This submission will contain the LETTER J, followed by your entry number: e.g. J-216546.
  3. One video still upscaled to 3000 pixels on the longest side @ 300dpi. Please label this with your YEAR, SURNAME, FIRST NAME INITIAL, VIDEO NAME: EG e.g. “2020-SmithJ-SmithWedding.jpg”.


If you have questions or need assistance with any of the entry process, please contact us here:

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