The AIPP awards system exists for the primary purpose of helping competition entrants, through a process of critiquing, peer review and judging, to continually develop and improve their image-making skills, whilst at the same time raising the general standard of photography and video production in Australia.

Each print entered into APPA + AIPP Epson State Awards is judged by a panel of five experienced photography judges who have undertaken an AIPP approved Judge Development Program and meet other requirements.

The judging of images is purely subjective and not an exact science. The purpose of the Awards is to promote creativity and innovation in image-making. In the context of an Awards of Excellence Program, images that display innovation and creativity should be acknowledged, awarded and rewarded.

These are the crucial points of evaluation that judges use as a guide to evaluate images at AIPP Awards.

1. Impact
2. Creativity & Style
3. Composition
4. Image or Print Presentation
5. Centre of Interest
6. Lighting
7. Colour Balance
8. Technical excellence
9. Photographic Technique
10. Story Telling & Subject Matter


Each judge is provided and familiarises themselves with a Judge's Assessment Guide. The guide provides direction on assessing each entry with a score from 50-100, and what should be expected from an image within each scoring range. For example a Gold With Distinction would receive a score between 95-100 and contain exceptional vision, creativity and innovation. Remarkable technique. Encompasses excellence in all assessment criteria.

The APPA Judges Scoring Range will be published prior to APPA judging commencing.


Each year judging for the APPA + Epson State Awards is available to attend and watch free of charge. Participants and the general public are welcome to attend and watch the exciting judging in person! This year, the judging venue is Sunstudios in South Melbourne and the live-judging will take place from Friday 15th October - Monday 18th October, inclusive.

AIPP also livestreams the judging so this event can be viewed from anywhere in the world. The livestreaming details will be released as the event begins. Please note that the live-judging will not stop due to a very tight schedule. As such, if there are technical difficulties with the livestream, some judging segments may not be broadcast. In this way, the best way to ensure you can view judging you are particularly interested in is to attend the event in-person.

Photo: Louise Bagger
Photo: Louise Bagger
Photo: Louise Bagger
Photo: Louise Bagger
Photo: Louise Bagger
Photo: Louise Bagger

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