As a first-time entrant in AIPP print awards, welcome! To help guide you as you begin your AIPP Awards journey, please consider the following:


You need to consider how you will be entering the Awards, dictated by your Membership Status. AIPP Accredited, AIPP General Members, AIPP Students, reciprocal members and non-members enter our awards. Non-members are welcome to enter the Awards if they are professional photographers or student photographers at an approved tertiary institution.

Your Membership Status will dictate how many images you can enter APPA + AIPP State Awards.

AIPP Accredited Members: can enter up to 12 images, with a maximum of four images per print category.
AIPP General Members: can enter up to 9 images, with a maximum of three images per print category.
Students: can enter 3 images and up to 3 books / albums or Alternative & Historical Process pieces, with a maximum of six entries in total.
Non-Member Professional Photographers: can enter up to 12 entries in total.

Your Membership Status and how many prints you choose to enter also dictate your entry fee. Entry fees are published in the Rules.

Please note that you must select the correct ENTRANT TYPE in our online entry portal (under the My Profile tab). Your entrant type will dictate what entry fees you are charged.


You will need to decide which print category / categories you wish to enter.

The 2021 Print Categories are:

Pet / Animal

All entrants are also invited to enter the Album, Photographic Book and the Alternative & Historical Processes categories.

Photo: Swati Hulsure

Each print category is awarded a winner. The overall Professional Photographer of the Year at state and national level is chosen from the print category winners.

General Members and Students cannot win print categories, however, they compete for the AIPP Achievement Award (at state and national level) and the Student of the Year award (at state and national level).

All entrants compete to win the prestigious Ilford Trophy for the Highest Scoring Print and all entrants are eligible to be chosen for the Epson Signature Worthy Award.

All entrants may enter into and compete to win the Album, Photographic Book and Alternative & Historical Processes categories.

The 2021 APPA + AIPP Epson State Awards Rules contain a great deal of information about the awards, as well as core rules and specific category rules. It is imperative all entrants take the time to read, understand and follow the rules to avoid disqualification of entries.


APPA + AIPP Epson State Awards are a PRINT awards which means you will be required to print and mount your images. You will also be required to provide digital files of your images as a part of the entry process. You can print your images yourself or you can organise and pay for printing services. If you are not intending to print your images yourself, we suggest you investigate the turnaround time for the printing & mounting of images with your local printer or lab as this will help you prepare your timeline to make sure you have enough time to enter. Read about the size and presentation requirements for your image and mount in the rules. Please note that your mat can be any colour you wish. The majority of entrants generally choose to mat in off-white, with grey and black being other popular colours.

If you need help with printing, it is a good idea to touch base with your State Coordinator or AIPP members can tap into a wealth of knowledge via the AIPP Facebook Community Page. States and territories may run print critiques and print workshops - check the AIPP events page to see when these events are running (check back regularly as we update content all the time!).

Photo: Louise Bagger


In order to enter your prints into APPA + AIPP State Awards you will require an official AIPP Print Case OR we have introduced a cheaper option for "first timers".  Both types of cases are designed to safely transport your prints via the post or courier to the Awards.

Professional print cases can be purchased from the AIPP website here: these print cases are hardy and will last for decades if looked after properly. Print cases will be shipped from Melbourne and can take up to two weeks to arrive so please buy your case early.

AIPP have introduced a cheaper model of print case which can be purchased here. This case will safely transport your prints to and from the awards and can be reused a few times. This is a great option for those new to print awards who are "testing the waters" as it is safe for your prints but not as expensive as a professional case.

Please note that students DO NOT need to purchase an official AIPP Print Case. In most cases student work will be sent to the Awards by your tertiary institution in a specially designed print case. If your Institution does not have a print case or you are the only student entering from your institution, you may send your prints into the Awards securely wrapped and packaged.

A handy tip: you do NOT need to include bubble wrap or extra packing tape on your professional print case. They are designed for travel and will safely transport your prints just by correctly using the straps on the case. Trust us!

Photo: Louise Bagger


It is important to understand the investment required to enter our print awards. The Awards entry fee, your main investment, is dependent upon your Membership Status and the number of images you decide to enter. You need to factor in the cost of printing and mounting ALL images that you enter. You are required to purchase a print case (as noted above) to be used to send in your physical prints (unless you are a student: see above) and you need to pay to post this case to the awards (your return postage is covered in your entry fee).


All essential dates are listed in the rules under Essential Dates and Venue Info.

Please carefully note cut off dates as there will be no extensions granted - entries will close on Wednesday November 10th at 5pm AEDT (Melbourne time).
Print cases must be received at Sunstudios by 5pm AEST on Friday 25th February 2022.
LATE ENTRIES AND LATE CASES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. No refunds will be granted for prints received after 5pm on Friday 25th February.

WA 2019 Aya Kuma (11)



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Photo: Louise Bagger